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Watch MeshCanvas : Peel. Stickable Custom Canvas Prints! Fresh product alert! We have renamed image product to MeshTile and the fresh MeshCanvas product is printed on actual canvas and wrapped over all edges. Turn your images into stickable wall canvas prints and image boards. Access images from your Google, Fb, and Ig accounts! MeshCanvas turns your images into self-adhesive wall canvas art. It turns photos into ready to stick frameless wall canvas art.

Installation is effortless and quick. MeshCanvas holds well and will not hurt your wall. Removal and adjustment are incredibly easy, with just a slight twist. It is the easiest method to garnish your walls without screws or nails.

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Stretched, wrapped and handcrafted by specialists. Our canvas prints are water repellent with vibrant colors printed on a textured surface, laminated to resist moisture and fading. MeshCanvas comes in two shapes: square 8" x 8" x 0. Gratis shipping. MeshTile is printed on archival quality image paper and mounted on a lightweight rigid image board. MeshTile turns your images into contemporary image boards that provide modern and clean look.

MeshTile comes in two shapes: square 8" x 8" x 0. MeshTile is printed on art gallery image paper and printing. The apk provides In-app 17 filters to create your image more unbelievable.

Our designers designed the special filters specially designed for wall art prints. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness, color warmth, saturation, and contrast of the pictures. MeshCanvas is a patent pending product. Vanessa Mirabito: Very excited about this product.Imagine being able to take photos from your phone and have them turned into wall art that you can easily hang on your wall.

I am not exactly sure how they mount, but the video shows how easily they attach and detach from your wall. No more nails or screws needed. And PhotoSquared is available for both iPhone and Android. If we purchase 3 for My daughter suggested I try your site. If you are looking for different shapes check out Printage — MeshCanvas. They offer Android, iOS, and desktop versions.

How do I move them to a different house? We are moving and I took them down and just sticked them two by two to each other. Would that work? I hope I can detach them and I hope they stick again:. Click here to cancel reply.

Canvas Prints VS Foam Board Prints!

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Best Air Quality Monitor. Rhonda January 3, at am. Are these on canvas? What size are these?The application provides a long-lasting and lightweight photo canvases that stick to virtually any surface using special and double-sided adhesives. It offers free and fast shipping service that you can access it anytime, anywhere in the world. It offers lots of editing tools such as filters, effects, frames, and stickers that make your images more interesting and enjoyable.

In order to create and display your own image on a stick wall, you need to download it on your mobile devices or tablets.

After completing the installation, you can place your email address and some other information to access all the features that it contains. The app also offers key features such as free and fast shipping, create and share unlimited images, add new features, and create photo albums, etc. PhotoSquared Print and Stick Pix is one the best application that takes your camera roll from your phone to the wall of your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in your house.

MeshCanvas is a stackable canvas and photo board application that turns your images into ready-made wall canvas art. It is free to download and use the application available to use on Android and iOS platforms.

MeshCanvas App holds well and will not damage your wall, adjustment, and removal are quite simple and can be done with simple clicks.

It is one of the best and easiest ways to garnish your walls without screws or nails. The app has millions of users around the world who can access it anytime, anywhere around the globe, just to enrich their photography experience.

One of the most exciting things about this application is that it offers customizable options that allow you to customize your wall into a real real-life IG and FB. Some of the core features of MeshCanvas includes quality filters, freedom to different mesh photographs, beautiful art pieces, and much more.

It also offers lots of exciting filters and plenty of additional editing features that make it better than others. MeshCanvas is one of the best Stackable Canvas and Photo Board application to enjoy maximizing your artistic vision and creativity regarding your photos.

Keepsake is free to use the mobile application to frame your best photos over the rooms of your walls. You can intuitively browse a variety of frames, and instantly preview your pics in each one. It is an addictive application that is made, especially for those who love photographic and want to share their images with others. The app provides an excellent option for a personal gift or an easy way to do some home decorating. It has a massive collection of attractive frames that consists of multiple colors and shapes.

It allows you to create your images with frames, filters, effects, and backgrounds, etc. Keepsake has millions of users around the world who can access it anytime, anywhere around the world.

It includes prominent features such as simple and easy to use interface, thousands of frames, add new editing tools, and much more. Keepsake requires registration with a verified email address and all the other required information to access all the prominent features.

It is a simple to use photo blend camera application that enables you to mix up photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and email, and other social platforms.

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It is a commercial application that is available to use on Android and iOS mobile devices. The app allows you to merge with fifteen distinct blend modes and share it with the other. It allows you to create your own blend with different filters, stickers, and lots of other things. Fusion Photoblend Free App also lets you turn your images into ready to stick frameless wall canvas art. It is simple and easy to use application.

First, you need to select two pictures, choose or create blend packs, adjust effect, and share it with the others. Like the other similar applications, it also has a list of prominent features that make it better than others. Photo Lab Picture Editor is an engaging photo grooming and polishing tool developed and published by Smiley Tech. It is an all-in-one photo editing app that makes all your pictures more stunning and beautiful.

The application allows you to edit photos with mosaic to pixelate photo backgrounds, overlays, vignette and HDR, etc. You can get personalized images with photo blur, advanced background, and hundreds of special effects right under this amazing platform.

One of the most exciting things about this application is that it introduces new crystal effects that make your photos more attractive. It also contains powerful yet easy photo editing tools, and you can directly share them with others.Autumn and the holidays are a prime time to take family photos and update your framed prints. Framed pictures also make great budget-friendly gifts. With the help of technology, photo printing and framing have become easier and better than ever before.

Here are the best options for the frugal consumer seeking affordable gifts or just cheap ways to fill their home with art. Automated photo printing apps such as Chatbooks make photo printing more convenient than ever. Set up a series and fill your book automatically from your Facebook page or an album on your phone.

Then your photos upload into a book that you can edit, name, caption, and more. You can also upgrade to hardback covers, and print extra prints. Sam's Club or Costco members might find deals in the photo centers of their local warehouse store. When it comes to ordering prints or large-sized photos from photo websites, it's important to shop around and compare prices.

You can pick up your order on select items the same day from those locations. Target uses EZprints and encourages shoppers to use their shipping feature. Prints start at 29 cents per print if you pick up at the store, but to have them shipped to your home, the cost is 16 cents per print. Places like Groupon often offer very cheap photo printing services. There have also been canvas-photo printing deals, as well, and the deals are sure to get better as the holidays grow closer.

Never, repeat never get pictures printed without using a coupon.

Mixtiles Alternatives

Snapfish, Shutterfly, and the like all offer coupons on a regular basis to help you save money on photo printing. And the coupons will only get bigger and better as we head into the holiday season. There are several free photo-tile printing apps available, such as Mixtiles and MeshCanvas by Printage. The idea behind the apps is the same: Print three tiles directly from your phone and they get shipped to you with adhesive ready for you to arrange them on your walls without nail damage.

Framing websites make it easy to order custom frames without the hassle of leaving your house. If you're making a gallery wall, look into bulk discounts from framing websites. You may also choose to go to a framing center such as Michaels.

Prices at such places vary greatly depending on frame style, size, and matting. That said, never go into a framer without a coupon in hand. Michaels for example almost always runs a coupon worth 25 percent to 50 percent off custom framing -- a quick search online should pull up several options to save you money here.

Of course, it's cheapest to frame your pictures yourself. You won't be paying for someone else to do so, instead you would only be purchasing the prints and the frame. Search the clearance section of stores such as Kohl's or Walmart, and you are likely to luck out on a heavily discounted frame.

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Similar to checking the clearance section of stores, look for heavily discounted frames at your local thrift store. Frames are a common thrift store item that can be easily cleaned up and used or even painted and given new life for your beautiful prints or gallery wall.

Cheapism may earn a commission if you buy through a link on our site. Sign up for our newsletter. Raechel Conover October 27, My original review follows below. I had a fun time trying out Mixtiles recently, which is an app that lets you print out photos that are ready to hang. I found Mixtiles via an Instagram ad and was intrigued at the idea of being able to easily print, mount and move around photos. Find my full video review above and my pros and cons of the service below.

While that is still a bit hefty per tile given that the tiles are essentially made of cheap foamI think this pricing is much more convenient and palatable. The latter is the only one that was available when I made my review. This makes them more manageable to store and move around, but also makes them feel even cheaper than before. The new tiles now only have a single adhesive strip on one side vs. This means if that single pad wears out, you are out of luck and will need to contact Mixtiles to get more sticky stuff.

Pros: Responsive customer service — You get the sense that this is a mom and pop operation, but not necessarily in a bad way. Customer service through the app was extremely fast, and responsive. These people really want you to have a great experience. Photography quality is decent — Photos appear to have a matte finish. Fidelity and sharpness is solid.

But when you get up close and touch them, they look exactly look what they are: Photo prints mounted onto foam core. That is a high price to pay for this quality level.

But the more that you buy, the more it makes sense to do so. This service is particularly useful for events, where you might need to gather large set of mounted photos in short order.

David Chen. Published March 19, Without screws or nails. Free Shipping. An exquisitely designed photo frame that is ultralight and rigid photo included. Premium-quality prints mounted on lightweight but heavy duty unibody blocks.

Printed on smooth photo paper and professionally wrapped over all edges. Photo Tiles that are printed on photo paper and mounted on lightweight but rigid photo panels. Printed on textured poly-cotton canvas and professionally wrapped over all edges. No more holes. How to Remove Photo Tiles? Facebook Instagram Youtube Blog. Made ready to attach. Step 1 Choose what type of print you want.

Step 2 Upload Your Fav snaps via our app or online. Step 3 Place your order with free delivery. We offer a range of options for your prints and all orders come with free shipping.

11 Cheap Ways to Print and Display Your Photos

MeshFrame An exquisitely designed photo frame that is ultralight and rigid photo included. MeshBlock Premium-quality prints mounted on lightweight but heavy duty unibody blocks. MeshPanel Printed on smooth photo paper and professionally wrapped over all edges. MeshTile Photo Tiles that are printed on photo paper and mounted on lightweight but rigid photo panels.

MeshCanvas Printed on textured poly-cotton canvas and professionally wrapped over all edges. They're great! Eespcially the lustre paper looks so good when it put on walls.I remember trying to hang up a picture in my bedroom when I was young. Ever since I was a kid, the idea of not damaging the walls has been engraved into my brain, which is why I was so excited when I found Mixtiles! The tiles turn your photos into stylish squares that mount directly to your wall via a sticky mounting strip that leaves no damage behind!

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These tiles stick to your wall as easily as a magnet sticks to your fridge. Since Mixtiles go on and come off the wall so smoothly with their sticky backs, it leaves no damage to the wall. This is what really made me want to buy them at first.

Framing photos does not come cheap. Sometimes, the cost can be several hundred dollars. I saved so much money when I decided to decorate with Mixtiles. I also received my Mixtiles so fast! When I used to get my photos printed and framed, it took forever. I had to order a photo and then order a frame separately or take it somewhere to get it done professionally. Mixtiles made it so easy to get it all done in one step, all at a much lower price. I felt like I could trust the company to deliver me the best product possible.

Think something similar to a canvas painting. Mixtiles wants to ensure you always receive the highest of the highest quality prints of your favorite pictures. When I was placing my first order, I uploaded a picture that I thought was fine but was a little low resolution.

Most companies do not offer free shipping, and if they do, it is only for a limited time pressuring you to complete your order. Mixtiles always has free shippingletting you figure out your perfect order with no pressure.

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To my surprise, too, they came in only 5 days! I was shocked at how quickly they arrived at my door. Mixtiles has been incredibly helpful when it comes to customer support. They also make it so easy to get in touch! The company also have customer service representatives fluent in English, Spanish, German, and French if you are worried about a language barrier! They are the perfect way to display my favorite memories without breaking the bank. Skip to content Search for: Search Close.

Close Menu. They stick, restick, and restick again. Mixtiles are a tenth of the price of traditional framing. Mixtiles has thousands of 5-star reviews. Classic is a black frame with mat. Clean is a white frame with no mat. Ever is a white frame with a mat.

How to Transfer a Photo to Canvas

Photos are always high-quality.

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